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Welcome to the IMPERIUM project

Fuel economy is a key aspect to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency of freight traffic, thus increasing truck competitiveness. Under the coordination of AVL List GmbH, the main objective of the IMPERIUM project is to achieve fuel consumption reduction of up to 20% (diesel and urea) whilst keeping the vehicle within the legal limits for pollutant emissions. The IMPERIUM consortium, consisting of the major European actors, represents those responsible for manufacturing 45% of the heavy duty vehicles manufactured in the EU and is able to provide a 100% European value chain for the development of future powertrain control strategies for trucks. 

Facts and Figures

Project name: IMPERIUM
IMplementation of Powertrain control for Economic, low Real driving emIssions and fuel ConsUMption

Call: H2020 GV-06-2015
Project duration:
Sept. 2016 – Aug. 2019 (3 years)
Total Budget: 9,95Mi€
EC Funding: 6,6 Mi€
Project Coordinator: AVL List GmbH

Partner Locations

Project Objectives

The technical approach for the IMPERIUM project is to develop new means of predictive and comprehensive powertrain control in an optimal way, exploiting the full potential of the individual systems for each vehicle application and mission. The approach relies on the three following stages:
  • Direct optimisation of the control of the main powertrain components (e.g., engine, transmission) to maximize their performances. 
  • Global powertrain energy manager to coordinate the different energy sources and optimize their use depending on the current driving situation.
  • Provide a more comprehensive understanding of the mission (e.g., eHorizon, mission-based learning) to enable long-term optimization strategies.